Week 2: Theories of Deviant Behavior

Posted on September 7, 2011


During this second week of the course, students will present on the theoretical chapters in the book Readings in Deviant Behavior.

Each group should have each member contribute to the discussion. Discuss (but don’t summarize) the assigned chapters and introduce us to outside information via websites and YouTube videos and include a comprehensive description of the theoretical perspective, theorists in this field, and examples of ethnographic work.

The assignments are as follows:

Group 1: chapter 3: strain theory & chapter 9 conflict theory

Group 2: chapter 4: differential association theory & chapter 10: feminist theory

Group 3: chapter 5: control theory

Group 4: chapter 6: shaming theory

Group 5: chapter 7: labeling theory

Group 6: chapter 8: phenomenological theory

This will also be our first blog posting assignment. Please see the syllabus under blog posting assignments to see the specifications for grading. Each student should read all of the chapters, but only write about and present on their assigned chapters. For your final paper and presentation you will need to incorporate at least one of these as your theoretical foundation.

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